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Rental Policy

R & A Rentals (2002) Limited HST: #859784886

1. Rental commences on the date the equipment is shipped by the lessor and end the date the equipment is received by the lessor.

​2. The lessee shall pay the cost of all maintenance required during the rental period.

3. The lessee shall indemnity the lessor against all loss and or damage caused by the lessee or the lessee's employees during the rental period, and the lessor has no liability for damages of any kind arising out of the rental whether by negligence of the lessor or otherwise.

4. No person shall attempt to repair equipment with out authorization from the lessor.

5. The lessee shall, at his own expense, maintain public liability and property damage insurance to protect the lessee and the lessor from damage to property or persons from the operation or handling of the equipment during the rental period, and the lessee will insure the equipment for loss or damage by fire and all other insurable and uninsurable risk.

6. Lessor reserves the right to remove equipment from any job, at any time, giving reasonable notice to the lessee.

7. Rental rates are based on an 8 hour use per 24 hour day, when the equipment is used more than 8 hours in a 24 hour day the lessee shall pay no less than the minimum rental charge of the equipment rental plus the daily rental rate, and for every 8 hours of use in a 24 hour period the lessee shall pay the daily rate per 8 hours of use.

8. A credit card is required at time of pick up and or delivery.